I am one of the founders of Lookus Clothing, Maside Baysal. While establishing our company, we wanted to include at least one activity within the scope of a social responsibility project. When deciding which field to focus on, we thought it would be more accurate to add something that has a personal touch.

3 years ago, I had an experience that started with the diagnosis of a tumour on my Pitiuary Gland and ended up having a major surgery. The most important thing I learned during this process was that we lose ourselves in the ordinary flow of life and miss some important things. I have once again realised the importance of raising awareness on important issues that can affect not only ourselves but also the society we live in, and to support the institutions operating in this field as much as possible. As a newly established small business, we have decided to support Brain Tumour Research and The Pituitary Foundation, which are the charities related to my personal health issues. Our main goal in this process is to increase people's awareness of such important diseases rather than financial aid, and to enable individuals to support such charities within their means.

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