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Introducing Lookus: Empowering Women with High-Quality Activewear.

We are a dynamic and energetic brand founded in 2022, Manchester, UK. Lookus is dedicated to creating premium athleisure wear for women of all ages who embrace an active lifestyle.

Producing under the Lookus brand, we take pride in our family-owned facilities in Turkey, where we ensure high-quality materials and environmentally friendly practices throughout the entire production process. From material selection to manufacturing, packaging, and logistics, we aim to minimise our ecological footprint.

Our mission is to make quality accessible to all. By providing exceptional activewear at affordable prices, we strive to empower women to feel confident, comfortable, and stylish during their fitness journeys. Lookus is not just about sportswear; it's a statement of embracing an active and healthy lifestyle.

Join Lookus and experience sportswear that combines performance, comfort, and sustainability. Together, let's shape a better future for both women and the planet.